BSF Study Questions Revelation Lesson 20, Day 4: Revelation 16:1-14

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Summary of passage:  God orders His wrath poured out on the earth.  The first bowl caused ugly and painful sores on those who worshipped the beast.  The second bowl turned the sea into blood, killing every living creature in the sea.  The third bowl judgment turned the rivers and springs into blood.  The fourth bowl gave the sun power to scorch people.  The fifth bowl judgment was against Satan and plunged Satan’s kingdom into darkness.  The sixth bowl judgment was poured out on the Euphrates and dried it up.  Spirits in the shape of frogs came from the beast, the dragon, and the false prophet sent to deceive man and gather them up for Armageddon.


9a)  First Bowl (Exodus 9:8-11):  This reflects the plagues in Exodus.  This one is the plague of boils that God sent on Egyptians that broke out on their skin.  Here, the first wrath…

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What I would say to a 22year old me

Having been a Vice Chairperson of the Makerere Christian Union in the year 2012/2013, am glad I had such a great opportunity to see life through such a venture. I was only 22 and had taken on leadership in a well recognised university in Uganda. I was as well a Mechanical Engineering third year student. It’s one of my memorable times in life. Its now 2016, I look back and I can afford to say this to the 22year old me.

  • It’s a treasure to always keep the elders’ your  advice.
  • Treasure your family. It is first priority in life.
  • Also treasure your relationships. They bring a lot more joy to life.
  • Always be bold, loud and bloom. There is only one life to live. Be happy.
  • It’s okay to switch off your phone or put it in silence as long as your are comfortable with it. If it’s a call that is inevitable , one can always call back.
  • Always follow and say your heart. Keep your esteem high.
  • You are not the savior.You are simply a servant.
  • Find your life. There is a lot more to life than leadership.
  • Reading is a cheaper way of experiencing life.
  • Be a little hard. The world you live in is quite aggressive.
  • Take chances and risks. You can still do away with them.
  • Your intuition/consciousness is always right.
  • You are right not to date any of those guys around. You are worth more. Wait for the right person.
  • ”Me” time is a necessity. Do not trade any appointment for it.
  • Learn to say a bigger no.
  • Venture into your sense of style.., it makes you happier.
  • Delegation is key.
  • Associate with those wiser than you.
  • Every penny counts. Greatly treasure it.

I am grateful I had that golden opportunity at a way young age and I do not regret it. Probably this can be a little helpful and encouraging to other young university student leaders, that may find leadership a little bit overwhelming or a doldrum.